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Buyer information form

Please complete all sections of the buyer information form.

this office will be the closing attorney for the purchase of the below referenced property. your assistance in providing accurate information is necessary for a timely completion of your closing. thank you for your cooperation.

Buyer Information

new loan information

hazard insurance information

Thanks for submitting!

Please note any special requests in the area provided. these include powers of attorney, requests for a mail away closing, notification of a 1031 exchange, etc. 

note: we will travel for closings at no additional charge (within a 50 mile radius of Charlotte). however, in the event that a third-party notary is required to facilitate an out of office closing, we reserve the right to put their fee (typically 125-150 dollars) on the CD/huD.

if you experience difficulty or have questions with the form, please click here for assistance

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