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Seller Fees

the following are costs for the Seller in a real estate closing


As negotiated with agents

Document Preparation⁺

(includes Deed, Lien Affidavit, 1099-S, and Wire/Overnight Fees)

Document Review/

Closing Coordination⁺


(in the event that a seller chooses to retain their own attorney, this fee is required in order to procure payoffs, HOA's, review documents, and coordinate closing)

Courier Fee⁺



$2 per thousand of sales price



⁺ Paid to the Law Office of Robert Forquer

* Paid to third party

The fees listed above are the basic fees for a residential real estate closing conducted by our office. This information is provided solely as a convenience, does not constitute an agreement to represent any party, and may be subject to change without previous notice. These fees do not cover special requests or situations (e.g., mail away closings, preparation, and recording of Powers of Attorney, preparation of Seller Financing documents, complex transactions.) Additional fees may apply for these services.

NOTE: We WILL travel for closings at no additional charge (within a 50-mile radius of Charlotte). However, in the event that a
third-party Notary is required to facilitate an out of office closing, we reserve the right to put their fee
(typically $125-150) on the CD/HUD.

Please contact us here for further questions.

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