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title search form authorization

Please read and complete the document

you hereby authorize the law Office of RobeRt FoRqueR or any of its employees, including, but not limited to, RobeRt FoRqueR, Mark lattimore, and BRyant BRown, to process the previously electronically submitted documents to obtain a title. 
you are also authorized to issue updates to any previously issued
title search forms, if necessary.

ueta and esign consent information

the following constitutes a ueta Consent Disclosure. Please read carefully before continuing.

the law Offices of RobeRt FoRqueR may be required by law to provide you with written notices or disclosures. Below are terms and conditions to under which you consent to receiving such notices. at the end of this, you will be asked your agreement by clicking the "I agree" button. Clicking that you agree acknowledges that you had electronic access to this form and that you are aware of your electronic consent.
at any time, you may request a printable paper form located here to be provided to you. you will have the ability to download and print the documents from a personal printer, or you may elect to have the forms provided in another manner by clicking here.
If you agree to receive notices and disclosures from the law Offices of RobeRt FoRqueR, you ask to be removed from our mailing lists, but must do so by requesting
through this
email address.

Should you ask to be removed from our electronic notices and disclosures, it may negatively impact the timeliness of the requests being processed here and will require verification through the aforementioned email that our notices and disclosures are no longer needed.

therefore, unless you comply to the aforementioned procedures as listed, you electronically consent to use electronic records for these transactions.

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if you experience difficulty or have questions with the form, please click here for assistance

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