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Seller information form

Please complete all sections of the seller information form.

this office will be the closing attorney for the purchase of the below referenced property. your assistance in providing accurate information is necessary for a timely completion of your closing.

thank you for your cooperation.

please provide only the last 6 digits of your social security number 

The property I am selling is/was (please select one):
Will Seller be present at the closing?

note: If seller is absent at the closing, a limited specific power of attorney will be required

existing loan information

note for all equity line payoffs: Prior to closing, it is the seller's responsibility to provide the law offices of RobeRt FoRqueR with a letter from the lender stating that the equity line amount has been blocked and frozen to any future advances. without this letter, closing may be delayed. please click here to submit your letter.

note for Fha loans: If the seller has an fha loan that is being paid off, you must notify the law offices of RoBeRt FoRqueR immediately in order to schedule accordingly.
our office will not be responsible for any accrued interest which results from the
failure to close and disburse before the first of a month.


it is the sellers responsibility to notify all parties well in advance of closing
that their loan is fha.


please click here to schedule your fha payoff.

please also note that for the overnight delivery and handling of payoffs, there will be a fifty dollar fee charged for the first overnight service and a thirty dollar fee

for each additional delivery.

I understand my responsibilities as listed above

if you have any questions regarding the aforementioned responsibilities, you may contact us here

Deed Preparation

Are we to prepare the deed?

if this office will not be preparing these documents, please include the following

additionally, if we will not be preparing the seller documents, it is the responisbility of the seller and their attorney to procure and provide written payoffs, good through th eclsoing date, with a per diem, to our office within three (3) business days of closing.

in addition to mortgage payoffs, it is also the responsibility of the seller and their attorney to procure and provide hoa resale demand packages (if any) within three (3) business days of closing. Finally, if there are any additional liens or judgements

to be paid of at closing, the same holds true.


we will, of necessity, charge thirty dollars per wire and/or overnight sent to
complete the transaction.

I understand my responsibilities as listed above

Sales proceeds

due to the north carolina good funds settlement act, funds will not be disbursed at the closing table. upon receipt of good funds from the buyer and their lender, if applicable, the deed and other loan documents will be sent for recording to the register of deeds where the property is located.


the title will be updated, and assuming there are no adverse conveyances, the documents will be recorded. once recording has occurred, the funds can be released to the Seller.


typically, closings that occur in the morning are recorded in the afternoon, and closings that occur later in the afternoon will be recorded the next day. as such, Sellers should plan accordingly for receipt of their funds.

the seller may elect to receive their proceeds in the form of an iolta trust account check, or as a wire transfer. please specify below.

wiring or seller proceeds: to wire, we require that the seller provide written wiring instructions from the financial institution including bank name and address, or, they may simply provide a voided check. sellers are also required to provide their forwarding address.

seller must deliver a hard copy of the wiring instructions or voided check at closing.

seller's financial institution may charge a fee for an incoming wire.

I understand my responsibilities as listed above

if you have any questions regarding the aforementioned responsibilities, you may contact us here

Closing attendance

Will you be attending the closing?

if you will not be physically attending the closing, will you require a

additional information

repairs: written invoices for all repairs to be collected on the closing disclosure or hud-1 must be provided prior to closing. if you have questions, contact us here for clarification.

homeowners association dues: without this information we may be unable to pro-rate

the proper amount. if not applicable, please put n/a or enter the numerical value of zero.

Are the dues current?

home warranty information

commission information. please specify how the commission will be split.

Your response has been recorded

Seller Information

if you experience difficulty or have questions with the form, please click here for assistance

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